Joseph Nolan, the Herbal Medicine Man, is an Edinburgh-based Medical Herbalist, Forager,

and vociferous advocate of natural medicine and holistic health. He sees patients at the oldest herbal dispensary in Edinburgh, Napiers Clinic. His particular specialities are Men’s Health and Pediatrics; in his Baby & Child Clinic he sees babies, children, and adolescents, from birth to 18 year of age. 

Herbalism encompasses not just medicine, but food, lifestyle, and even recreation.  Natural health is more than just popping a pill or downing a quick tincture to keep the flu at bay; it’s about maintaining and improving wellbeing and connecting with the natural rhythms that exist within us but are easily ignored and forgotten in our modern lives.  The hectic, technology-driven life style - especially prevalent in cities - gives rise to many of our ills, and herbalism can help to restore balance and well being to anyone - baby, child, adolescent, adult, pregnant woman, man or woman at change of life, or elderly person.  The support of herbal medicines and natural remedies can aid people through life’s transitions and illnesses major and minor.  Read Joseph’s take on the myriad aspects of herbal medicine and natural remedies on his Herbal Blog.

Upcoming Herb Walks, Talks and Workshops

If you have any questions about herbalism, foraging, natural or traditional medicine, herb walks, talks, workshops, or other related topics, please contact Joseph!

Joseph Nolan

Herbal Medicine Man