How to Take Herbal Medicine

Prescribed Medications

Take your medicines as directed in the amount specified.  The instructions given here are intended as general guides only.  If the directions provided with your medicine become illegible or are for some other reason unavailable to you, contact Joseph or the dispensary listed on the medicine.  If the dispenser was other than Joseph, the dispensary will have your prescription notes to hand and can answer any questions you may have about how it should be taken. 

You can always contact Joseph with questions or concerns about your medication or other aspects of your treatment. 


Tinctures should be taken diluted, either in a little cold water or juice.  They can be diluted a little or a lot, as you prefer. 

5ml = 1 Teaspoon

Teas / Infusions

Infusions, as a general rule, are steeped for 5-10 minutes.  Prepare them the same way you would tea.  Boil water and then pour it over 1 teaspoonful of the dried herbs, cover, infuse, and then drink.  Cafetieres (French or press coffee makers) are excellent herbal tea makers provided they have not been used much for coffee.  Tea balls, Japanese-style basket strainers, Chinese strainer teacups, and DIY teabags, all make excellent herbal tea.  Some straining method is recommended as floating sticks and leaves make not a pleasant cuppa.

Tea cups are usually about 200ml (or 8oz.) and the 5ml teaspoon measure is used, making the rough ratio for a cup of herbal tea 5ml:200ml. 

Large amounts can be made with the 5ml:200ml ratio in mind, and for teas that are to be drunk in quantity, making them in a teapot or cafetiere and then transferring to a flask after infusing is helpful.

Cold infusions are ideally made overnight, by steeping the herbs in cold water in a covered container.